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Disney princess fans rejoice! Princess Ariel is the subject of our free and printable coloring pages. The frame containing herself and Prince Eric is very romantic. She has been sketched, putting her hand lightly on his chest. It has all the ingredients of a mushy scene. She is the protagonist of The Little Mermaid animated movie by Disney and she holds that place with elan.

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You can go by the color scheme as shown in the movie or paint according to your preferences. The tail can be green with purple for the seashell bra. Her flowing mane can be reddish-brown in color. The princess can be seen accompanied by her friend, Flounder, the guppy fish underwater. King Triton carrying a gold trident, also shares the frames with Ariel. He wears a crown and a pair of armbands that appear to be made from gold. All these characters make the activity one helluva experience.

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