Learn how to draw various figures and cartoon characters, based on age levels of kids.

How To Draw Mickey Mouse

Here are the step by step instructions for drawing the basic structure of your Mickey Mouse:

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

If you thought it would be difficult to draw Sonic the Hedgehog yourself, here are some simple steps for you to accomplish the task:

How To Draw A Cat PictureHow To Draw a Cat

Here is a step by step instruction for beginners (kids age 3-6 years) to learn to draw a simple cat. STEP 1 Begin by drawing a ...

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Fruit Coloring Pages

Kids' art invariably includes painting bananas and apples, along with that house-with-a-tree scenery. But before ...

How to Draw a Crown

A crown symbolizes power. It is ornate, studded with gems and jewels and cuts a graceful ...

How to Draw a Book

Books are essential to student life. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the supreme ...

How to Draw a Penguin

The penguin is a flightless bird that children greatly adore. Its stocky body with short legs ...