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How To Draw a Dolphin

Do you want to teach your kids to draw a dolphin but think it would be too hard for them to grasp the picture? The step-by-step instructions provided below will make it really easy for them to draw a neat dolphin in no time.

Step 1

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 1

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 1

  • Begin by drawing a leaning straight line, making sure to make it as long as you want your dolphin to be.
  • Make an oblong shape (letting the straight line strike through it) as shown in picture 1 for the basic body structure of the dolphin. Keep the bottom of the oblong narrower than the top.

Step 2

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 2

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 2

  • Make a small arrowhead or a sideway ‘V’ for the dolphin’s beak.
  • Next, draw a simple fletching (the feather tail of an arrow) at the end of the oblong shape (picture 2) you drew earlier for the tail of your dolphin.

Step 3

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 3

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 3

  • It is time to draw the three main fins – one at the back of the dolphin and one on each side as shown in picture 3

Step 4

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 4

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 4

In this step, you will be redoing some parts of your drawing to make your dolphin look more realistic.

  • See how the head and back (upper side of the oblong) has been erased and redone in picture 4 to make it look more like the back of a dolphin. Erase the part of the line running down the base of the dorsal (back) fin. Adding a tiny line at the point where the upper part of the ‘V’ meets the head makes the beak more realistic.
  • Redo the lower part of your oblong as done in picture 4 to draw the front side of your dolphin. Curve the lower part of the body, just above the tail.

Step 5

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 5

How To Draw a Dolphin Step 5

  • Erase the lower part of the beak (‘V’) and draw a curvier line that smoothly blends with the throat area (Picture 5).
  • Then draw another curved line running down the middle of the beak (over the straight line) to indicate the mouth opening.

 Step 6

Drawing a Dolphin Step 6

Drawing a Dolphin Step 6

  • Here you will be working on the lower fins to make them look real. Draw over the existing fins to make them more round and curvy and then neatly erase the earlier lines.

Step 7

Drawing a Dolphin Step 7

Drawing a Dolphin Step 7

  • First, erase the straight line running through the body of your dolphin. Then draw an eye just over the mouth followed by a small dark mark on top of the head for the melon (a fat-filled organ).
  • Work over the ‘fletching’ you drew earlier to make your dolphin’s tail look roundish and real. Erase the earlier lines and your drawing is done.


Want the kids to know more about dolphins to double their enjoyment? After all, knowing a little about the subject of your drawing always helps to complete the fun-learning experience.

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