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How to Draw Luigi

The more timid yet heroic brother of Mario of the Mario series of video games by Nintendo hogs the spotlight in this activity. The sidekick of Mario in his adventures for saving the Mushroom Kingdom is thinner and taller than his twin brother. Go through the step by step to know the trick of perfecting him on paper.

Step 1: Draw 2 ovals, one below the other. The upper one is the guide for the head and the lower for the body.

How to Draw Luigi Step 1

Step 2: Draw 2 ovals below, one almost at the side of another. They are the guides for the feet.

How to Draw Luigi Step 2

Step 3: Draw oval guides for the hands. Join the feet guides to the body guide by straight lines.

How to Draw Luigi Step 3

Step 4: The guide for the cap is an oval partially hidden by the head guideline. Lines join the hands and the head to the body.

How to Draw Luigi Step 4

Step 5: Horizontal and vertical guides are drawn on the head. The body, however, has a single horizontal line dividing it into 2 halves.

How to Draw Luigi Step 5

Step 6: Give shape to the round nose, the left eyebrow and a bit of the forehead.

How to Draw Luigi Step 6

Step 7: Complete the forehead, the right eyebrow and the ear.

How to Draw Luigi Step 7

Step 8: Finish drawing the cap.

How to Draw Luigi Step 8

Step 9: Sketch the “L” letter on the crown of the cap and the mustache. Outline the eyes.

How to Draw Luigi Step 9

Step 10: Detail the eyes and darken the mustache and eyebrows. Draw the chin and the neck.

How to Draw Luigi Step 10

Step 11: Shape the semi-circular mouth, the hair and start drawing the overalls.

How to Draw Luigi Step 11

Step 12: Sketch the arms.

How to Draw Luigi Step 12

Step 13: Draw the lower parts of the overalls covering the legs.

How to Draw Luigi Step 13

Step 14: Shape the right hand covered in gloves. Distinguish the shirt from the overalls by lines.

How to Draw Luigi Step 14

Step 15: Shape the left hand.

How to Draw Luigi Step 15

Step 16: The right shoe is now drawn.

How to Draw Luigi Step 16

Step 17: Same is done to the left shoe.

How to Draw Luigi Step 17

Step 18: Color the figure in its characteristic shades.

How to Draw Luigi Step 18

How to Draw Luigi Step by Step

His attire typically consists of a green shirt with blue overalls and a green cap with Luigi’s logo on it. The 2 buttons on the frontal part of the dress can be done up in a lighter shade of green. Note that the pupil is blue while the iris is black in color. The mouth is open in a broad smile showcasing his pearly whites.

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