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How To Draw Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is one of the first cartoon characters your kids get introduced to. So, teaching them to draw their own Minnie Mouse pictures is a good idea. Here is how to draw the adorable character step-by-step:

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 1

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 1

Step 1

  • Begin by drawing a circle as big as you want your Minnie’s head to be. Now, draw a leaning straight line (as shown in picture 1) across the center of the circle.
  • Draw a semicircle in the lower half of the circle, making sure that the straight line drawn in the earlier step cuts the semicircle in half. Now draw a small oval at the point where the straight line cuts the semicircle (picture 1). This will be the nose of your Minnie.
  • See picture 2 to draw the basic outline of a smiling mouth followed by a rough sketch of Minnie’s iconic ribbon bow at the top of the head (the first circle).
  • Don’t forget to draw the two large ears peeking from behind the bow. Also add a small curved line over the small oval of a nose to indicate the nozzle.
How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 2

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 2

Step 2

  • Draw a few simple curved lines below the head to start drawing the body as shown in picture 3.
  • Now add two slightly curvy parallel lines at the left side of the head followed by an oval with a somewhat pointy top (picture 3). This will later be Minnie’s right hand.
  • Now, see picture 4 to see how an outline has been drawn for the left sleeve along with two small parallel lines for the arm and a small roundish triangle for the left hand.
How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 3

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 3

Step 3

  • Now it is time to draw the lower part of the body. Start with a basic outline for the legs and the large feet as shown in picture 5. Also add the characteristic mouse tail.
  • Carefully draw the ears, eyes, eyelashes and mouth of your Minnie Mouse (as shown is picture 6). Use the straight line running through the head to keep the eyes and ears in place and erase it afterwards.
  • Work over the outline of the ribbon to make it look more real and fluffy. Make sure to add a few curvy lines to depict the folds along with the knot at the center (picture 6).
How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 4

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 4

Step 4

  • Next, work over the oval you drew in step 2 for the right hand to draw a gloved four-fingered hand. Draw over the rough sketch of the sleeve and replace it with the fair drawing. (Picture 7)
  • Similarly, work on the right hand to replace the rough outline with a neat sleeve, arm and gloved hand as shown in picture 8.
How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 5

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 5

Step 5

  • See picture 9 to check how Minnie’s skirt has been drawn and do it in the same way.
  • Work on the left foot of your Minnie Mouse to draw the large round shoe (Picture 10)
How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 6

How To Draw Minnie Mouse Step 6

Step 6

  • Draw the right shoe as you did the other one. Keep it partially hidden behind the left shoe. (Picture 11)

Your drawing is almost done as all that is left is giving the final touches. Just fill the hands, feet, ears, pupils and nose with black (picture 12) and you have completed your drawing.

Draw Minnie Mouse Step By Step

Draw Minnie Mouse Step By Step

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  1. samaiyah says:

    Yoo this drawing is decent even though i drew the whole thing and colored it in black then i cut the head out and threw the rest in the trash. Now im gonna go to my old school nd give it to my teacher so she can be all hype nd show it off then hag it up somewhere. Yea thhts wat i do wit all ma work nd drawing give them to my old teacher. Well keep on posting stuff like this, post a hello kitty one to please

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