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How to Draw Snoopy

Snoopy, the adorable dog from the popular comic strip Peanuts, is one of the easiest comic characters to draw with his cute, happy face and black-splotched body. The easy step-by-step instructions given below will help you to make a neat drawing of a cheerful Snoopy eating ice cream.

Step 1

How to Draw Snoopy Step 1

How to Draw Snoopy Step 1

  • See the first picture to draw a curved shape that roughly resembles the basic shape of Snoopy’s head.
  • Add a teardrop-like shape at the back of the head (for the only visible ear) followed by a small reversed “c” for the tiny nose on top of the elongated nozzle (picture 2).

Step 2

How to Draw Snoopy Step 2

How to Draw Snoopy Step 2

  • Now, it is time to start working on the body of your Snoopy. See picture 3 to draw the throat extending from the head and continuing to form the balloon-like outline for the body. Do not forget to add the simple collar he always wears (picture 3).
  • Next, add a pointy tail as shown in picture 4.
  • See the picture (4) to draw the left hand with three roundish fingers followed by the outline for the ice cream cone in his hand.

Step 3

How to Draw Snoopy Step 3

How to Draw Snoopy Step 3

  • Another simple step where you will be working on Snoopy’s face and legs. Draw the basic outline for his legs as shown in picture 5.
  • Now, check picture 6 to see how to draw the only visible eye and the mouth.
  • Then, erase the part of the ear (drawn in step 1) overlapping with the head. Next, make another smaller teardrop shape within the one made for the ear to give it a double-lined appearance (picture 6).

Step 4

How to Draw Snoopy Step 4

How to Draw Snoopy Step 4

  • Here, you will be working over the balloon shaped outline drawn for the body to give your Snoopy a bit plumper appearance (picture 7).
  • Check picture 7 and erase the lower part of the body running through the legs. Also, draw the characteristic large blotch mark on his back.
  • Work on the ice cream cone to add a few stripes on it along with the ice cream itself as shown in picture 8.

Step 5

How to Draw Snoopy Step 5

How to Draw Snoopy Step 5

  • Add 2-3 curved lines to indicate the clawed toes (as shown in picture 9).
  • Your drawing is almost done as all that it left to do is filling the picture with color. There is not much to think about proper colors and shades with Snoopy being a black and white dog. Just fill the nose, ear and the dark patch on his back with black and his collar with red or pink and most of the coloring is done (picture 10).
  • You are free to experiment with the colors of your choice when coloring the ice cream in his hand or you can just go with the blue-yellow color shown here (picture 10).
How to Draw Snoopy Step by Step

How to Draw Snoopy Step by Step


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