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Lion King Coloring Pages

Spending as much time as you want with Simba and his friends, in the African wilderness, roaming around the Pride Lands, not even having to be scared of your mom scolding you for watching too much tv – well, isn’t that the dream! Here is yet another classic Disney activity sheet collection, where you get a series of unique free printable Lion Kong coloring pages. Go on and take your pick, as everyone from Mufasa, Zazu, and Rafiki, to Nala, Timon, and Pumba, to even Scar, are here.

Lion King Coloring Pages
Baby Lion King Coloring Pages
Free Lion King Characters Coloring Pages
Lion King 2 Kovu Coloring Pages
Lion King Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids
Lion King Coloring Pages Kiara
Lion King Coloring Pages Mufasa
Lion King Coloring Pages Nala
Lion King Coloring Pages Simba and Nala
Lion King Free Printable Coloring Pages
Lion King Hyena Coloring Pages
Printable Lion King Coloring Pages Disney
Scar Lion King Coloring Pages
Simba Lion King Coloring Pages
The Lion King 2 Coloring Pages

Thinking about a Christmas celebrated by Simba and Mufasa together, or just playing around together, the way they should have in a Scar-free world almost brings tears to eyes. No, we did not forget Kiara and Kovu either. At least Simba got to be around his daughter to teach her how to be the queen she is meant to be.

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