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Origami Bird

If you are an origami fan, you won’t want to miss this DIY. It needs simple paper folding skills and looks like a million bucks. The paper bird pattern would be a cute addition to your origami farm or zoo if you are fond of making animals with the popular Japanese art. The tutorial is beginner-friendly and you can do it in your free time with your kids.

How to Make an Easy Origami Paper Bird

The folding is done with a square piece of paper.

How to Make an Origami Bird

Fun Ideas for Origami Birds

Origami Bird

  • You can make a host of paper birds and hang them as a mobile from your ceiling. You can also use them as wedding decorations.
  • You can spread out the legs and give it an awesome 3D effect.
  • Make a big bird with colorful paper and keep it on your study table as a decoration item.
  • Little paper birds look chirpy as bookmarks.
  • Kids would love to play with them as homemade toys.
  • They would make great paper ornaments for your Christmas tree.
  • Make a couple of them facing each other beak-to-beak to make them resemble lovebirds.

You can choose from a variety of bright colored construction paper for your birds. Red, yellow and blue colors look good on them. You can make them from tissue, scrapbook, writing and other types of paper too. The beak can be given a different color for some drama. The beautiful handmade birds light up your living space and give you a creative high.

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