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How to Make an Origami Butterfly

If you know how to make an origami butterfly, then all you need for an amazing wall décor is a few sheets of colored paper. Imagine how cool your room can look with a whole swarm of colorful butterflies. Well, don’t worry if you are yet to learn the folds. Here’s how to make a paper butterfly:

Easy Step-by-Step Folding Instructions for a Paper Butterfly

How to Make an Origami Butterfly

DIY Ideas with Paper Butterflies

Origami Paper Butterfly

Wall Decorations with Origami Butterflies

Did you know that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? Such a suitable name, right? Now consider creating a kaleidoscope on your bedroom wall. Just make lots of butterflies with colorful papers (you can recycle gift wraps for this too), and stick them on your wall.

You may also try sticking them in a certain shape, like a heart or maybe a large butterfly.

Origami Butterfly Wall Decor

Another great idea would be framing some traditional paper butterflies in a shadow box style and hanging it on the wall. You can use an old wooden box or even a paper box for this. It can be a nice summer activity for kids.

Framed Paper Butterflies

Making a Paper Butterfly Mobile

Tissue paper and toilet paper butterflies are ideal for a DIY butterfly mobile. You just need to hang them with thin strings from a frame, which can be anything from recycled embroidery hoops to small dry tree branches.

If you use different sizes of embroidery hoops, or any wooden, metal, or plastic hoops, you can make a pretty butterfly chandelier too! These are great for baby cribs.

Paper Butterfly Mobile Chandelier

DIY Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Make your boring old bookmarks a lot more exciting by attaching a nice little origami butterfly to it. Since these butterflies are quite flat, they work well as bookmarks.

Learning to make an origami butterfly is just the beginning. There is a whole new world of craft and décor waiting for you on the other side. So get started!

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