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Turtle Coloring Pages

Animal lovers would vouch for this one. This free and printable assortment of coloring pages gives you a peek into the life of the humble, slow and peaceful turtle. Their rounded, hard backs are actually the shells that they can withdraw into in case there is danger. You can play around with muted and dark colors for that part of its body. Browns, blacks and greens can be used here. The limbs and head can be filled in with lighter shades. Different shades of yellow, sienna and brown would suit the aforementioned parts.

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Children would be fascinated with the checkerboard designs of their backs. You would find them getting busy with their colors as soon as you hand the unique pages over to them. The animals are mostly found near water bodies, on the sand. So that would give you the painting idea of its surroundings that would look natural as the background of the reptiles.

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