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Venus Facts for Kids

Is Venus a planet?

Venus is one of the four terrestrial type planets, meaning it has a rocky body. Due to its similarity in size it is often referred to as the Earth’s twin.

Venus and Earth Comparison

Venus and Earth Comparison

Distance from Sun 67 million miles (108 million km)
Distance from Earth 25 million miles (40 million km)
Radius 6052km
Diameter 7519 miles (12,100 km)
Volume 928,415,345,893 km3
Mass 4.864E24kg (0.815 Earth mass)
Density 5.243 g/cm3
Gravity 8.87 m/s2
Revolution 225 Earth days
Rotation 243 Earth days

Where is Venus located in the solar system?

Venus is the second planet in our solar system, located between Mercury and Earth.

Venus Distance from Sun

Venus Distance from Sun

Who discovered Venus?

Since the planet is easily visible as a bright white disk in the night sky its existence was well known amongst ancient civilizations. It was first scientifically observed by Galileo Galilei in the 17th century. Using a self designed telescope, he confirmed the various phases of Venus.

How old is Venus?

Venus, like all other planets in our solar system, was formed roughly 4.5billion years ago.

What color is Venus?

When the planet is observed from a powerful telescope it appears to be yellowish-white in color. This is due to the thick layer of clouds that surrounds its atmosphere.

Venus Photos

Venus Photos

Why is Venus the brightest planet?

Venus appears relatively brighter than most other celestial objects due to its close proximity to Earth. Another reason is that the cloud cover reflects almost 70% of the sunlight received by the planet making it more luminous and radiant.

How many rings does Venus have?

Venus does not have any rings.

How many moons does Venus have?

Venus and Mercury are the only two planets in our solar system that are devoid of any natural satellites or moons.

How is the surface of Venus?

Very little is known about the surface of Venus as the constant cloud cover has prevented scientists from studying its geology. However, recent space missions have revealed that it is a harsh place filled with craters, volcanoes and lava plains.

 What is the temperature in Venus?

The planet is extremely hot with the average surface temperature being around 462°C. In fact the coolest place in the planet has a recorded temperature of 380°C.

Atmosphere and Composition of Venus

Venus has a thick and dense atmosphere. The pressure on its surface is almost 92 times that of Earth. The air enveloping the planet primarily consists of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Sulfur dioxide (SO2) that creates a strong greenhouse effect and is also one of the reasons for its extreme surface temperature.

Venus Composition

Venus Composition

Interesting facts about Venus

  • The planet is named Venus after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • The orbit of Venus falls between the Earth and the Sun. For this reason it becomes visible for a few hours just after the sun sets and is known as the Evening Star. Similarly, it is visible shortly before sunrise as well and is then referred to as the Morning Star.
  • The temperature here can get so high that it can even melt lead, a metal known to withstand a nuclear blast.
  • It has a very weak magnetic field that does not provide it adequate protection from solar radiation.
  • The rotation of the planet is so slow that a day is longer than a year in Venus.
  • A person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth will weigh only 88 pounds on Venus.
  • Due to its hostile weather conditions scientists have ruled out the possibility of earth like life forms on its surface. However some researchers believe that life could possibly exist between the layers of clouds.


Venus Image

Venus Image

Venus Images

Venus Images

Venus Photo

Venus Photo

Venus Picture

Venus Picture

Venus Pictures

Venus Pictures

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