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Angel Coloring Pages

Awaken the spiritual side in you by giving color to these beautiful angel coloring pages. They are the messengers of God who can talk to you and fulfill your earnest desires. They may have a human body with large, powerful wings. They may also be disguised as human beings themselves. Angels have an inner glow that signifies the holy spirit within them. Apart from communicating their tasks include gathering knowledge, worshipping God, guarding people and recording our deeds. The Bible has made angels Gabriel and Michael famous. In one of the printable pages, we can picture mother Mary on her knees in front of Gabriel who has brought the message of her future child and husband. The snow angel is a small form with snowflake designs surrounding him. The star wand in his hand looks super cute. Needless to say, you need to keep your silvers, blues and grays handy for these free and unique pages.

Angel Coloring Page

Angel Coloring Pages for Adults

Angel Coloring Pages

Angel Visits Joseph Coloring Page

Angel Wings Coloring Pages

Angels Coloring Pages

Christmas Angel Coloring Pages

Dark Angel Coloring Pages

Mary and the Angel Coloring Page

Snow Angel Coloring Page

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