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1 to 20 Dot to Dot

Dot to dot 1 to 20 sheets are for toddlers who are keen on drawing but are not old enough to get perfect shapes of fish, birds, animals, cars, fruits and so on. This post has free printables having the dot-to-dot drawings only from 1 to 20. Kids can color the pictures once they are done with the joining.

Connect the Dot Numbers 1-20
Dot to Dot for Kids 1-20
Dot to Dot for Kindergarten 1-20
Dot to Dot Number Worksheets 1-20
Dot to Dot Numbers 1-20 Printables
Dot to Dot Worksheets 1-20
Dot to Dot Pictures 1-20
Dot to Dot Pictures Numbers 1 to 20
Free Printable Dot to Dot 1-20
Gingerbread Man Dot to Dot 1-20
Dinosaur Dot to Dot 1-20 Free
Dot to Dot 1-20
Kindergarten Connect the Dots 1-20

The free sheets are sure to be a hit with kids as they contain the half-done sketches of ice-creams, dinosaurs, elephants, rockets and strawberries that never fail to awe kids. They just need to join the dots and complete the pictures.

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