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Applejack Coloring Pages

If you were asked to pick one My Little Pony character that you think is the cutest, who would you pick? Yes, it would be impossible to name just one, but no matter what, Applejack would be on the list. The pale orange pony with golden hair is everyone’s favorite. So, here we are with these unique printable Applejack coloring pages for you to print for free. Just click on the picture to get the PDF.

Applejack Coloring Page
Applejack and Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages
Apple Jack My Little Pony Coloring Page
My Little Pony Applejack and Trixie Coloring Page
Applejack and Her Friends Coloring Page
Applejack in a Fancy Dress Coloring Page
My Little Pony Applejack Coloring Pages

Applejack isn’t on her own on this colorful journey as she has brought Rainbow Dash with her. What companion would be better to add that extra dash of color to your coloring project? If done with care, these would make nice posters for your wall.

Published by: Updated on September 26th 2022

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