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Baby Yoda Coloring Pages

The Star Wars series was never something that would come to mind when thinking about cute animated characters. However, this changed when the series got resumed, introducing a bunch of new characters, including the star of this fresh batch of coloring pages, Grogu, AKA Baby Yoda. This tiny lovable alien is probably second to none when it comes to stealing the hearts of the entire world (I am (baby) Groot!). And here you will find a bunch of free printable Baby Yoda coloring pages to steal what’s left of your heart. Just look at him go on the skateboard!

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These coloring sheets are almost intolerably cute, often featuring Grogu and his various antics. He is even accompanied by our very own Sitch on one of these printable pages. Here’s your chance to see what these wise green aliens would look like if they were not, well, green.

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