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Care Bears Coloring Pages

Children had loved the Care Bears that first appeared on greeting cards in 1981. Since then, the chubby characters have appeared in TV series, movies and toys. As children can never have enough of the cute bears, here is a set of free and unique coloring pages for the little ones to put color on.

Care Bears Coloring Pages
Care Bear Coloring Pages Full
Bedtime Care Bear Coloring Pages
Best Friend Care Bear Coloring Page
Care Bear Christmas Coloring Pages
Cheer Bear Coloring Pages
Fun Care Bears Coloring Page
Care Bear Coloring Pages Printable
Care Bear Coloring Sheets
Grumpy Care Bear Coloring Pages
Care Bear Easter Coloring Pages
Care Bear Halloween Coloring Pages
Cute Care Bear Coloring Pages
Lucky Care Bear Coloring Pages
Free Care Bear Coloring Pages

The trademark belly badges of the vibrant creatures depict the character of each one of them. The kids will be delighted to spot Lucky, Grumpy, Birthday and Cheer Care Bears among others on the printable pages. Kids will be spoilt for choice of the perfect color to suit their favorite Care Bears.

Published by: Updated on December 11th 2015

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  1. madeline says:

    can I print a care bear coloring page?

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