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Cinderella Castle Coloring Pages

A Disney ‘happily ever after’ often includes a castle (that comes with the prince) and the castle that made all the girls worldwide dream of becoming a princess featured in the 1950 Disney classic Cinderella. This is the same castle Disney made its audience revisit every time they start watching a movie. Remember the Disney logo at the beginning of all their movies? It combines their Cinderella castle with the Castel for the Sleeping Beauty movie. Now you know why the coloring page below looks so familiar. Here is a unique Cinderella Castle coloring page that will finally let you get your hands on castle design.

Cinderella Castle Coloring Page

Just click on the picture to get the PDF to print; it’s totally free! Whether you are a parent looking for a coloring page for your little princess or someone who refuses to ‘grow up’ enough to be too old for castles, this coloring sheet would be a cool way to spend some quality time with your crayons and coloring pencils.

Published by: Updated on January 24th 2023
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