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Disney Fairies Coloring Pages

Originally built around Peter Pan’s pixie friend Tinker Bell, the Disney Fairies franchise is now one of the most successful ones, spawning into countless full-length films, TV shows, video games, costumes, dolls and toy lines.

Disney Fairy Names

All the fairies live in Pixie Hollow, in the massive Home Tree in Neverland, with the principal fairies being Rosseta, Silvermist, Fawn, Iredessa, Periwinkle and Vidia, apart from Tinker Bell. Zarina is another popular fairy who featured as a negative character in certain Disney Fairy movies. All these characters appear in the following collection of unique free printable coloring pages that take your kids on a fairy adventure with a little faith, trust and pixie dust.

Coloring Pages Disney Fairies
Disney Fairies Coloring Pages
Disney Fairies Coloring Sheets
Disney Fairies Coloring
Disney Fairies Fawn Coloring Pages
Disney Fairies Silvermist Coloring Pages
Disney Fairies Vidia Coloring Pages
Disney Fairy Coloring Pages
Disney Fairy Rosetta Coloring Pages

Let your little princess spend some quality time with her friends, as she goes on a colorful journey with her tinker fairy friend, accompanied by the animal, garden, light, water and frost fairies. You can also make a game out of these coloring pages, asking your kids to identify each of the fairies and fill them with their characteristic colors.

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