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Dot to Dot 1-10

This set of free and printable dot-to-dot pages is geared towards preschool and kindergarten kids as they involve the joining of just 10 dots. This means the pictures that they need to complete are mostly done. They are of simple things that they are able to recognize.

Pumpkin Dot to Dot 1-10
Preschool Dot to Dot Numbers 1-10
Numbers1-10 dot to Dot
Join the Dots 1 to 10 Worksheets
Free Printable Dot to Dot 1-10 Worksheet
Dot to Dot 1-10
Connect the Dots Preschool 1-10
Apple Dot to Dot
1 to 10 Dot to Dot Printables
Free Dot to Dot Printables 1-10

You need to just click on any of the above images to land on the linked PDF file from where you can take printouts. The sheets test kids on their knowledge of the numbers 1-10.

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