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Easy Sudoku

This set of simple Sudoku printables is designed for beginners who can get a fair idea about the interesting game by solving these free puzzles. You are supposed to fill the 9×9 grids with the numbers 1-9 in such a way that no numbers are repeated in any column or row. The 6×6 are to be solved in a similar manner, with the numbers 1-6.

Easy Sudoku Printable
Easy Sudoku Printable 1 Per Page
Easy Sudoku to Print
Easy Sudoku with Instructions Printable
Easy Sudoku Puzzles Printable
Easy Sudoku Puzzles
Easy Beginner Sudoku Printable
Easy Sudoku for Beginners
Extra Easy Level Sudoku Printable
Free Easy Sudoku Printable Puzzles
2×2 Sudoku Printable
Free Sudoku Easy
Free Easy Sudoku to Print
Free Printable Sudoku Easy
Mini Sudoku Printable
Sudoku Easy Printable with Answers
Sudoku for Beginners Printable
Sudoku for Beginners
Sudoku Level 1 Printable
Sudoku Printable 1 Per Page
Sudoku with Answers to Print
Super Easy Sudoku Printable Sheets
Sudoku 3×3 Printable

You will find that most of the grids used here are 9X9. The puzzles offer a great way to keep your mind active and alert.

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