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Forky Coloring Pages

How many of you didn’t know what a spork was before watching Toy Story 4? Forky, the adorable white spork with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms, was the one to make us realize that the spiky-spoon thing really has a colorful personality that is nothing like a simple spoon or fork. And he is here to stay, which is why here is a collection of Forky coloring pages for everyone looking for a friend in him. He is waiting right here for you to click on the pictures and print out the PDF.

Forky Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages of Forky From Toy Story 4
Disney Coloring Pages Forky
Forky Coloring Page
Forky Coloring Sheet
Free Printable Forky Coloring Pages

All the coloring pages here are unique, showing Forky in all his (funny) glory. This time, if you want his pipe cleaners to be blue and his head a nice shade of pink, there’s no one to stop you. If Forky, a spork with ‘artificial’ eyes and limbs stuck on him, is alive, does that mean all your cutlery has a life too? We’ll never know (unless they make another movie).

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