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Heart Coloring Pages

A heart conveys so many emotions. We laugh, cry, get angry, feel happy and sad all because of our hearts. Of all the different feelings, the most cherished one is that of love. It makes us go weak in our knees, engulfs all other worldly feelings of hunger, sleepiness, etc. and fills our minds with a sweet sensation. Our free and unique heart coloring pages are dedicated to that eternal feeling of love. The first page of the printable collection boasts of intricate designs that can be done in a multitude of colors. You can call it a “heart within heart” pattern. Dare I say that it replicates the illusion of holding a mirror in front of another one? The series seems to be never-ending. The broken heart can be painted in bright red leaving the harrowing crack white. The sketch depicting the heart as a face with two gloved hands coming out of its sides scores high on the happiness factor. A thumbs up from another such “heart face” would cheer you up if you are feeling sad and unhappy. The heart duos are extremely adorable and can be colored in different shades of red that complement each other. After painting this collection red, we bet you won’t complain about the romantic feeling you are left with

Heart Coloring Pages
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