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How To Draw a Frog

Drawing a realistic frog may seem quite difficult when you look at one with its textured body and unique (often a shade of green or olive) coloration. But, drawing a cartoon frog can make your job easier, allowing you to work the difficult parts in a simpler way. Here is a step-by-step drawing of a cute cartoon frog for kids.

Step 1

How To Draw a Frog Step 1

How To Draw a Frog Step 1

  • Ever noticed how a frog’s head looks from the front? You need to begin the drawing by making a similar shape. Just see the first picture and you will know what to do.
  • Next, draw a simple smiling mouth with a tongue sticking out of it (picture 1).
  • Now, draw a small curved line at about the center of the head, followed by two upside down “U”s for the eye sockets (picture 2).

Step 2

How To Draw a Frog Step 2

How To Draw a Frog Step 2

  • It is time to start working on the rest of the body. Draw two long forelegs with skinny fingers as shown in picture 3.
  • Next, draw a large bucket-like shape with its arms folding to form the hind leg joints or “knees” (picture 4).
  • Draw the hind feet with skinny fingers in the same manner as you did the front feet.

Step 3

How To Draw a Frog Step 3

How To Draw a Frog Step 3

  • See picture 5 to erase all the overlapping lines in the eyes and mouth.
  • Now, it is time to draw the pupils along with neat eye lashes to complete the happy sparkling eyes.

Step 4

How To Draw a Frog Step 4

How To Draw a Frog Step 4

  • You know how most frogs have webbed toes? See picture 7 to join the toes with a thin line to make them look webbed.
  • Now that your picture is almost done, it is time to give it a few final touches. Draw a large lotus leaf (as shown in picture 8) so it appears that your frog is sitting on it. You may also add a small fly for your frog to catch with its long sticky tongue.
How To Draw a Frog Step by Step

How To Draw a Frog Step by Step


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