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How To Draw a Mermaid

Drawing mythological characters have always been an amazing way of spending an afternoon on a holiday. What can be a better subject for a fairy tale drawing than mermaids, one of the most beautiful and mysterious mythological beings? And who else will come to your mind when you think about drawing a mermaid than Disney’s Princess Ariel, the “little mermaid”? Follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided for kids to draw this cartoon mermaid.

Step 1

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 1

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 1

  • Start the drawing with a narrow oval for the face of your mermaid as shown in the first picture.
  • Now, make a straight line running through the long side of the oval followed by three more lines intersecting the first one at 90 degrees. These lines will help you keep the eyes, nose and mouth in place (Picture 1).
  • Also make a small curved line just behind the oval for the neck.
  • Next, draw Ariel’s characteristic lush, flowing hair as shown in picture 2.
  • See picture 2 to join the small curved line made for the neck with the head with a small “c” (It will be your Ariel’s only visible ear).

Step 2

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 2

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 2

  • See picture 3 to start working on the body of your Ariel picture. Draw the outlines for the shoulders followed by two outlined arms and hands.
  • Now, draw a large, flowing tail that resembles that of a fish (picture 4). Draw two lines that somewhat resembles shirt collars at the place where the tail meets the rest of the body.

Step 3

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 3

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 3

  • See picture 5 to draw the eyes (with long lashes), nose and mouth of your Ariel over the straight lines drawn in the first step. Use the long perpendicular line to maintain the proper alignment of the facial features.
  • Carefully erase the straight lines running through the face once you complete drawing the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose.

Step 4

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 4

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 4

  • Draw two neat shells facing each other for your Ariel’s upper garment (picture 7).
  • Work over the outlined arms and hands to draw the elbow crease (with a small dot as shown in picture 7) and fingers.
  • Redo the outlined shoulders to draw the throat, neck and shoulders with two small lines for the prominent collar bones.
  • Finish your drawing by marking her tail and the area where the tail joins the rest of the body with striped lines as shown in picture 8.

Step 5

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 5

How To Draw a Mermaid Step 5

  • Now all that is left is filling your beautiful Ariel with the right shades – vibrant red for her flaming hair and soft sea green for her graceful tail – and you are done.
How To Draw a Mermaid Step by Step

How To Draw a Mermaid Step by Step

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  1. Meyer says:

    Cool! You could also draw her daughter Melody that way

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