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How to Draw a Star

A star is an angular structure with five tips that looks brilliant in the night sky. It inspires awe in little ones. Let them try a hand at drawing the heavenly body by following the simple steps given below. If they want to sketch a simple, two-dimensional star, they can stop at step 7. If they want to make a more complex, three-dimensional one, they can follow all the steps up to the last one.

Step 1:Make a circle that serves as a guide.

How to Draw a Star Step 1

Step 2:Draw intersecting horizontal and vertical lines that also act as guides.

How to Draw a Star Step 2

Step 3:Draw a triangular structure sans the base.

How to Draw a Star Step 3

Step 4:Make a smaller triangle.

How to Draw a Star Step 4

Step 5:Sketch a small triangle at the right side.

How to Draw a Star Step 5

Step 6:Repeat for the left side.

How to Draw a Star Step 6

Step 7:Erase the guides.

How to Draw a Star Step 7

Step 8: Make a cross-shaped structure.

How to Draw a Star Step 8

Step 9:Draw two slanting lines joining at the center.

How to Draw a Star Step 9

Step 10:Sketch two more slanting lines to complete the star.

How to Draw a Star Step 10

Step 11: Color it in two shades.

How to Draw a Star Step 11
How to Draw a Star Step by Step

If you want, you can choose a single color for the star or go with multiple shades. Choose ones that look bright on canvas. Children would need rulers for getting the straight lines perfectly. Note that the pointed tips of the arms of the star are all placed at equal distances on the circular guide. Kiddos might need a bit of practice before they get the shape correctly.

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