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How To Draw a Zebra

The intricate black and white stripes of a zebra can naturally make it look very difficult to draw one. But in truth, it is not an impossible task as its body structure is quite similar to that of a horse. Follow the below mentioned instructions to easily draw a zebra yourself.

Step 1

How To Draw a Zebra Step 1

How To Draw a Zebra Step 1

  • Start your drawing by making a large bean shape (picture 1). Make it as big as you want your zebra to be as it will later be the body.
  • Draw two small, somewhat curvy, almost parallel lines from the right side of the bean (for the neck), followed by a somewhat oval shape (for the head). Keep the wider side of the head attached to the neck (picture 1).
  • See picture 2 to draw the mane as well as the only visible eye and ear. Draw a sideways ā€œVā€ with somewhat curvy sides for the outline of an open mouth.

Step 2

How To Draw a Zebra Step 2

How To Draw a Zebra Step 2

  • In this step, you will start working on the legs. Check picture 3 to see how to draw the outlines of the two front legs. Make sure to keep them straight.
  • Now, draw the outlines for the hind legs in the similar manner (picture 4).
  • Next, draw the tail as shown in the picture.

Step 3

How To Draw a Zebra Step 3

How To Draw a Zebra Step 3

  • It is time to start working over the outlines to make your zebra look realistic. Redo the head, mane, eye and ear as shown in picture 5.
  • Work on the mouth to add the teeth followed by a single visible nostril.
  • See picture 6 to re-draw the upper body and the tail.

Step 4

How To Draw a Zebra Step 4

How To Draw a Zebra Step 4

  • Carefully work over the outlined legs to make them look more real (picture 7).
  • Your basic zebra drawing is done as all that is left to do is erasing any unnecessary lines and drawing the black and white stripes as shown in picture 8.
How To Draw a Zebra Step by Step

How To Draw a Zebra Step by Step

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