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How to Draw Link

It is quite natural for you to wish to draw a perfect picture of your favorite characters from your favorite animated shows and movies. Link from The Legend of Zelda is everybody’s favorite hero, becoming more popular with the TV show based on the original Japanese video game. Here, you can follow a step-by-step instruction for drawing the adult avatar or Link.

Step 1

How to Draw Link Step 1

How to Draw Link Step 1

  • Begin your drawing with a circle or oval for Link’s head, followed by a rough outline of his torso as shown in Picture 1.
  • Next, draw one curved line from the side of his body for his left hand and two similar lines for his legs. Also, follow Picture 2 to draw the magical shield in your Link’s right hand.

Step 2

How to Draw Link Step 2

How to Draw Link Step 2

  • Here, you will be working on the hair.
  • Now, it’s time to follow the lines within the circle for his head and draw the facial features. Check Picture 4 to see how to keep the eyes and nose in place with those lines as your guide.

Step 3

How to Draw Link Step 3

How to Draw Link Step 3

  • See Picture 5 and start working on Link’s characteristic pointed hat and the only visible long, pointed ear. Then, once the head and face is done, move on to his clothes, starting from the collar.
  • As the next picture shows, work over the outlines drawn in step one to complete the tunic and then draw the hilt of his magical sword in its sheath.

Step 4

How to Draw Link Step 4

How to Draw Link Step 4

  • Now, draw the belts and buckles, one around Link’s waist and another across his body, holding the sheath behind his back.
  • Next, see Picture 8 and work on the shielded and gloved left arm.

Step 5

How to Draw Link Step 5

How to Draw Link Step 5

  • The picture is coming on great, but don’t you think now it’s time to add some details to the shield?
  • Now, you only need to work over the lines and circles made for the legs in step 1. Start with the left leg as shown in Picture 10.

Step 6

How to Draw Link Step 6

How to Draw Link Step 6

  • Your drawing is almost complete, just finish drawing the right leg and you are done. And then you can move on to the fun part – filling your own hand-drawn Link with bright colors.
How to Draw Link Step by Step

How to Draw Link Step by Step

You can even consider giving your Link a makeover by filling his clothes with colors other than the traditional shades of green. In case you are one of those for whom the coloring part is the most fun, how about carrying on the activity for a little longer? You can try some coloring pages showing the characters in action.

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