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How to Draw Olaf

Frozen fans would love this activity. Why? It teaches you step-by-step how to draw Olaf, the faithful friend of princesses Anna and Elsa. The wide grinning snowman represented here would find kids get busy with their pencils and colors pretty fast.

Step 1: Draw an oval.

How to Draw Olaf Step 1

Step 2: Make a round-cornered structure underneath it.

How to Draw Olaf Step 2

Step 3: Draw a circle below.

How to Draw Olaf Step 3

Step 4: Traverse the first oval with guides as shown.

How to Draw Olaf Step 4

Step 5: The guides for the hair are drawn now.

How to Draw Olaf Step 5

Step 6: Make 2 nearly straight lines coming out of the middle of the snowman. 2 circles at the base are the guides for the feet.

How to Draw Olaf Step 6

Step 7: Start detailing the head.

How to Draw Olaf Step 7

Step 8: Create 2 hook-like structures to emphasize the face.

How to Draw Olaf Step 8

Step 9: The carrot nose is now drawn.

How to Draw Olaf Step 9

Step 10: Draw a couple of curved lines on the carrot and 2 eyes.

How to Draw Olaf Step 10

Step 11: Create the pupil and the eyebrow.

How to Draw Olaf Step 11

Step 12: Make a curved C-shaped structure for the broad smile. They end in similar smaller C-shaped structures.

How to Draw Olaf Step 12

Step 13: The open mouth exposes the teeth on the upper jaw.

How to Draw Olaf Step 13

Step 14: Detail the hair that resembles branches.

How to Draw Olaf Step 14

Step 15: Create the right hand that is nothing but a twig. Hence, irregularities are allowed.

How to Draw Olaf Step 15

Step 16: Same goes for the left hand.

How to Draw Olaf Step 16

Step 17: Give detailing to the lower part of the funny snowman.

How to Draw Olaf Step 17

Step 18: The feet are little box-shaped forms with rounded corners.

How to Draw Olaf Step 18

Step 19: Sketch the buttons. Note that they are not completely round. Erase guides as you finish detailing each part of the body.

How to Draw Olaf Step 19

Step 20: Put on some color to complete the figure.

How to Draw Olaf Step 20

How to Draw Olaf Step by Step

It goes without saying that the nose be colored orange with black for the buttons, eyebrows and pupils. Brown would look best on the twig hair and hands. The body and the inside of the mouth can be colored in varying shades of gray instead of being left white.

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3 Responses to How to Draw Olaf

  1. Hannah says:

    this is awesome i love all of them well……….i almost did all of them who thinks i can do it cause i think i can???????????????????????????

  2. Meyer says:

    I wanna give Olaf a warm hug

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