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How To Draw Pikachu

Your kids must love Pikachu, the most popular of all the Pokémon species. However, the adorable yellow creature is not that easy to draw. Here is the step-by-step instruction for teaching your kids to draw their favorite character.

Step 1

How To Draw Pikachu Step 1

How To Draw Pikachu Step 1

  • Begin your drawing by making a rough circle followed by a smaller one on top of it (picture 1). The top circle will be the head of your Pikachu while the bottom one will be the body.
  • Then, draw two small circles as shown in picture 2 for the eyes, followed by a tiny nose and a half moon for the smiling mouth.
  • Draw two long triangular ears with curved sides on top of the head followed by one circle on the left cheek and a half circle (partially visible) on the right cheek. (Picture 3)

Step 2

How To Draw Pikachu Step 2

How To Draw Pikachu Step 2

  • See picture 4 to draw two small “U”s inside the bottom circle (body) for the arms.
  • Next, draw two more “U”s (a little sideways facing) beneath the body for the legs.
  • Now it is time to work on the characteristic lightning-shaped tail (picture 5).

Step 3

How To Draw Pikachu Step 3

How To Draw Pikachu Step 3

  • Erase the part of the head that cuts through the base of the left ear (picture 6).
  • See picture 6 to redo the sides of the head and make it neater.
  • Draw two angled lines near the top of the ears (picture 7), followed by a tiny tongue visible in the open mouth.

Step 4

How To Draw Pikachu Step 4

How To Draw Pikachu Step 4

  • Draw a few striped lines on the back of Pikachu (Picture 8).
  • Now, it is time to work on your Pikachu’s hands by drawing tiny fingers as shown in picture 8.
  • Erase the lower part of the body (the bottom circle) to draw the legs (Picture 8).

Fill the eyes and nose with black. Make sure to leave a small white circle in each eye for the pupils (picture 9). Make a tiny zig-zag line near the base of the tail to complete your Pikachu drawing.

How To Draw Pikachu Step by Step

How To Draw Pikachu Step by Step

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