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How to Draw Venom

The Venom is a popular Marvel Comics character that appears as the villain of the superhero Spiderman. Its muscular body, pointed teeth and large, menacing eyes make it an interesting object of drawing. The sketch takes the help of guides for shaping the elongated face. Only his broad shoulders and a part of his chest are visible.

Step 1: Draw a circle and an elongated structure below it.

How to Draw Venom Step 1

Step 2: Make intersecting horizontal and vertical lines.

How to Draw Venom Step 2

Step 3: Make curvy lines for the visible part of his muscular body.

How to Draw Venom Step 3

Step 4: Detail his face.

How to Draw Venom Step 4

Step 5: Make his curved, crooked eye.

How to Draw Venom Step 5

Step 6: Draw the upper jaw and start making his pointed teeth.

How to Draw Venom Step 6

Step 7: Shape the teeth of his lower jaw and the long, curved tongue.

How to Draw Venom Step 7

Step 8: Sketch curved small lines on his forehead.

How to Draw Venom Step 8

Step 9: Do it for the lower jaw too.

How to Draw Venom Step 9

Step 10: Draw drops of saliva trickling down his mouth.

How to Draw Venom Step 10

Step 11:Make branch-like structures above his shoulders and curved lines on his body.

How to Draw Venom Step 11

Step 12: Shape veins on his body.

How to Draw Venom Step 12

Step 13: Draw some smaller, branched veins.

How to Draw Venom Step 13

Step 14: Make curved lines denoting his muscles.

How to Draw Venom Step 14

Step 15:Color the sketch.

How to Draw Venom Step 15
How to Draw Venom Step by Step

The tongue can be colored red with bluish-black for his body. The veins can be colored in lighter shades of blue. The evil nature of Venom is beautifully depicted in the sketch with his tongue stuck out and saliva dripping from his mouth. It cuts a picture of a character that is hungry for something. For creating more destruction, maybe.

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