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How to Make an Envelope

This step by step tutorial offers a simple way to make a rectangular envelope at home by folding a square piece of paper. No cutting is involved. The instructions are suitable for creating small or big envelopes.

Steps To Make an Envelope Out Of Paper

Paper Envelope Instructions

More Ideas on Making an Envelope with Paper

Origami Envelope from Paper


  • Apart from normal paper, you can design cute handmade envelopes from newspaper, printer, scrapbook and wrapping paper.
  • If you want to give the recipient a sneak peek into the contents before opening it, make it out of vellum.
  • Use of recycled notebook, cardstock or construction paper in your envelopes gives them a unique old, vintage look.
  • Mini homemade envelopes can be made easily with sticky notes. The edge of the final flap should have the glue on it for proper closure.


  • They can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from tiny to jumbo depending on your requirements. Envelope measurements suitable for this method include DL, No. 10 (business envelopes), 12X12, 8-inch square, etc.
  • You can fold it roughly without the creases and check if a card of a particular dimension can fit snugly.


  • Instead of the triangular final flap cut it in the round and seal it with a little sticker for a fancy look.
  • A red envelope could hold a romantic message for Valentine’s Day. Professional envelopes, however, should strictly be in white.
  • You are free to customize it with labels, quilling, etc. for a creative appearance.

What to Put Inside?

  • Use it for greeting, gift and wedding invitation cards, mailing letters to friends/family, etc. Pretty, decorative patterns of envelope paper befit the purpose.
  • Other items that it can store snugly are CDs, money, drugs (seal tightly if it is for powders) and light jewelry.

The DIY along with the ideas will aid you in making envelopes quickly and nicely that would delight the recipients. Once you are at ease with the craft, you wouldn’t want to buy envelopes or find the appropriate stencils for them.

Envelope Making Video

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  1. Ben says:

    Sorry- this does not make an envelope successfully, now, I may be wrong, because I’m frustrated with how clumsy my fingers are, or I’m just “having a bad day” and if so , I’m sorry.
    But I have made six envelopes now using this method- the trouble is with the last fold- you have an envelope, that lets in the light- there isn’t an overlap between the top paper “lid” and the bottom bit that holds the letter.
    Sorry to bring this up,
    Yours, Ben

  2. Melonie L Romero says:

    Love this clever envelope! Thanks for sharing it I’m going to try one.

  3. michelle says:

    i don’t like you i love you

  4. Honey says:

    You should have at the top written oregme envelope

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