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Ice Cream Truck Coloring Pages

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, and there’s no rainbow bridge to take you to a fantasy land full of cadies. Still, as long as there’s ice cream in this world, there’s hope. And ice cream trucks are the magic vehicle that spreads this hope all around the world. Check out this collection of unique printable ice cream truck coloring pages, and click on the pictures to get them for free! No one can deny how their hearts dance when they spot an ice cream truck, and here’s your chance to fill one (or three) with the colors of your imagination.

Ice Cream Truck Coloring Pages
Ice Cream Truck Coloring Page
Ice Cream Truck Coloring Sheet

The images come with a lot of details, so you can take a shot at coloring the whole picture with the cityscape in the background. Using pastel shades of pink, peach, yellow, and blue will let you create a delicious effect. But in the end, there really are no rules.

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