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Legend of Korra Coloring Pages

After the Last Airbender, it was inevitably time for Avatar Korra to enter the scene and take all the kids around the world on their next colorful journey. So, here are some awesome unique printable Legend of Korra coloring pages for you to try. And the best part is that they are all free to print, just click on the pictures you like and you will get the PDF files. Go ahead and decide what her next adventures will look like, as she is right here, awaiting your crayons and paintbrushes.

Korra Coloring Pages
Avatar Korra Coloring Pages
Legend of Korra Coloring Pages
The Legend of Korra Coloring Pages

One of the fun things about such coloring pages is that these give you a chance to give a makeover to the old familiar Korra. So, set her free from the same old blues and browns, and get her ready for the coloring party.

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