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Lego Jurassic World Coloring Pages

The whole Lego franchise is going places, and there’s no stopping them from crossing over to every famous cinematic universe (it’s not just Marvel), TV show, and cartoon. And this time, it’s the dinosaurs that’s come to be a part of the magical Lego World. Here are some unique free printable Lego Jurassic World World coloring pages for anyone who can’t get enough of our prehistoric reptilian friends.

Lego Jurassic World Coloring Pages
Jurassic World Lego Coloring Pages

It would be fun to be part of the process of ‘legofying’ dinosaurs and all the beloved characters from the Jurassic World movies. Let’s admit it, Lego or not, a T-Rex is as scary as ever – and the pterodactyl about to swoop in isn’t helping the case.

Published by: Updated on April 3rd 2023

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