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Mario Kart Coloring Pages

Gaming enthusiasts would be super excited to color the free and printable assortment of Mario Kart coloring pages. The protagonist of the Nintendo gaming series, Mario, has been sketched beautifully in the go-kart-style racing video game coloring pages. Little ones can color his mustache and eyebrows black, his cap and shirt red and overalls blue. His eyes are blue too. He can be seen on the unique pages speeding on his car.

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You can color the racing cars in bright shades of red, blue, yellow and green. The smoke billowing from their rear can be painted black or gray. Princess Peach’s loyal attendant, Toad, has a blue vest on. His mushroom cap is white with red circles on it. His pants can also be left white with brown shoes jutting out from below them. The pleasant character can be seen sporting a big smile and waving to Mario Kart fans. This frame is sure to brighten up little faces in smiles as they try to reciprocate the friendly gesture.

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