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Monster House Coloring Pages

Every kid dreams about going out into the world on a splendid adventure in a ‘great wide somewhere.’ But sometimes, that adventure just moves in next door. That’s what happens to DJ and Chowder in the movie that is the subject of this awesome collection of unique, free, printable Monster House coloring pages. And now it’s time for you to join them (and Jenny) to take on Nebbercracker’s ghost house and wife, Constance.

Monster House Coloring Page
Monster House Movie Coloring Pages
Monster House Coloring Pages

Whether it’s Halloween or not, these coloring pages will surely get you in a spooky mood. Just click on the pictures you like, and you will get the PDF. Pay attention to the coloring and make Constance look good, or she might take away your tricycle next.

Published by on September 1st 2023

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