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Monster Inc. Coloring Pages

Disney Pixar has always been known for movies that open a door to a whole new world for kids to explore. As for the adults, their perception of things is often challenged by these ‘children’s’ movies. Monster Inc. is definitely one such movie where we learn that monsters are actually more scared of a human child than the human child can ever be of the monster. So, when ‘Boo’ accidentally enters Monster Inc., all hell basically breaks loose. And here is a collection of awesome free coloring pages for your kids to relive the adventure. The unique coloring sheets show the great Sully, Mike, and Boo along with all the other colorful monsters, and they are really easy to download and print. Just click on the images you like, and get the PDF.

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Mike From Monsters Inc Coloring Pages
Mike Monsters Inc Coloring Pages
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Sully Boo from Monsters Inc Coloring Pages
Sully Monsters Inc Coloring Page

Our three friends are happy as can be to be together again, and they are celebrating everything from Christmas to Halloween. This can also be a good opportunity to give Sully and his friends a makeover. Who says Sully will always have to be blue, and Mike can’t be anything but green?

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