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Pumpkin Coloring Pages

The tasty pumpkin is the “in” thing for Halloween. It is a smooth, round and sports a slightly ribbed skin. It can be colored in shades ranging from deep yellow to orange. The free and unique coloring pages sketch the vegetable with leaves and foliage that can be colored in varying shades of green. The Halloween pumpkins should be painted in a manner that puts the focus on the light placed within the outer shells. It can be achieved by giving the inner part of the hollowed out pumpkins a bright yellow color that stands as a stark contrast to the dull outer skin. The scary pumpkin on the last page is sure to give you the chills. The printable collection has a page dedicated to the preschoolers. It has a cute turtle peeping out from behind a pumpkin. A pumpkin patch is sketched in another page. A page has been specially designed for Thanksgiving with a “Give Thanks” board.

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