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Rainbow Coloring Pages

The rainbow that appears in the sky when the sun’s rays hit water droplets is an arch of seven distinct colors. They are the same seven colors that light consists of, that is, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Hence it goes without saying that you would need ample amounts of the colors mentioned above to complete the free and unique coloring pages dedicated to rainbows. The clouds in the sky can be left white or colored gray while the sky in the background should be filled with blue color.

Rainbow Coloring Pages
Big Rainbow Coloring Page
Coloring Page Rainbow
Rainbow Scene Coloring Page
Coloring Sheet of a Rainbow
Cute Rainbow Coloring Pages
Rain and Rainbow Coloring Page
Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages
Preschool Rainbow Coloring Page
Print Rainbow Coloring Page
Summer Rainbow Coloring Page
Rainbow Coloring Page
Spring Rainbow Coloring Page
Flower and Rainbow Coloring Pages
Rainbow and Sun Coloring Pages
Rainbow Coloring
Rainbow with Clouds Coloring Page
Rainbow Breathing Coloring Page
Rainbow Star Coloring Page
Printable Rainbow Coloring Sheet
Blank Rainbow Coloring Page
Rainbow Picture to Color

The printable pages are peppered with sketches of butterflies, heart-shaped balloons, raindrops, unicorns, a pot of gold, lush sceneries and even comic characters like Spongebob Squarepants. The sun can be colored yellow. One of the pages has boats sailing on a small pond lined with trees with the sun shining down on them. Another one has a picturesque river lined with tall coconut trees. These soothing images would freshen up young minds and lift their spirits.

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