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Santa Hat Coloring Pages

Christmas is the best time to have fun with your kids and give them an opportunity to fine-tune their artistic skills with holiday themed drawings and coloring pages. The iconic red hat with the fluffy white brim and pom pom inevitably reminds us of Santa Clause and Christmas. Which is the reason for its being one of the most popular subjects for Christmas themed coloring pages. Here is a collection of unique, easy-to-print Santa hat coloring sheets, featuring different designs of hats.

Santa Hat Coloring Sheet
Santa Hat Coloring
Penguin with Santa Hat Coloring Page
Printable Santa Hat Coloring Page
Santa Hat Coloring Page

You can even cut out the pictures after your kids are done coloring them, to use them in a Christmas craft project. Another artistic application of the coloring pages can be using the hat diagrams as the base to teach your children to draw neat Santa Clause pictures.

Published by: Updated on June 25th 2014

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