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Space Word Search

It’s time for the little champs to travel to outer space. Challenge your kids in the classroom to solve these free space word searches and find out the next Neil Armstrong in your class to land on the moon on their spaceship. Based on different skill levels, these puzzles are an entertaining way to teach them about the wonders of space. Download the free printables by clicking on the images below, and the mission to go to space starts!

Contributors to Space Exploration Word Search
Outer Space Word Search with Answers
Space Race Word Search
Space Travel Word Search
Space Word Search Printable
Space Word Search Puzzle with Answers
Earth and Space Word Search
Outer Space Word Search
Space Word Search

The journey to the space must have been fun. Once they’ve enjoyed visiting the stars and various planets, ask them to tell what they like about space. They can also make beautiful models related to the theme.

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