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Star Coloring Pages

Twinkle twinkle little star goes the popular children’s rhyme. It goes on to depict the wonder of children as they see the star. Again, we connect Jesus’s birth with the guiding star that showed the way to the three kings who went to visit the newborn Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. It is the five-spoked heavenly body that illuminates the night sky that kids get to color in this free and unique collection of coloring pages. Though stars are usually white and silver, kids can play with unique color combinations for the printable pages.

Star Coloring Pages
Star with Cloud Coloring Page
Free Coloring Pages Stars
Cartoon Star Coloring Page
Moon and Stars Coloring Pages
Coloring Picture of a Star
Coloring Pages of Stars
Coloring Pages Stars
Coloring Sheet Star
Coloring Sheets Stars
Small Star Coloring Pages
Shooting Star Coloring Page
Cute Star Coloring Pages
Star Coloring Sheet
Star Coloring Sheets
Easy Star Coloring Pages
Star to Color
Funny Star Coloring Page
Stars Coloring Page
Night Sky Stars Coloring Pages
Big Star Coloring Page
Blank Star Coloring Page

One fun page has a star with a cute face showing the kids a thumbs-up. Another one has a star all geared for Christmas with a Santa cap on. Other smaller stars surround it with their mouths curved into large smiles. The moon is seen alongside a large star on one of the pages. Other sheets display the stars with badminton rackets, umbrellas and balloons.

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