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Super Sonic Coloring Pages

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those immortal characters that you grew up loving, and now he is still there for your kids. Here is a collection of unique free printable Super Sonic coloring pages, and they are for everyone. Remember trying to draw the character yourself – it never really came out right, but it was super fun to try. Adding the colors was the best part – and now in the age of the internet, kids can skip the whole drawing part and get to the crayon part directly.

Super Sonic Coloring Pages
Super Sonic Coloring Sheets
Super Sonic Coloring
Super Sonic Printable to Color
Super Sonic Sonic Coloring Pages
Super Sonic vs Super Shadow Coloring Pages

Super Sonic isn’t alone, as he is still fighting the Super Shadow, but the final outcome is up to you now. Click on the picture and you will get the PDF.

Published by: Updated on May 31st 2022

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