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Transformers Coloring Pages

Aliens have always been a sensation with kids, so it is no wonder that the hi-tech alien robots introduced back in the 80s through the Transformers toy line have gained popularity over the years. And the Micheal Bay movie series just took that popularity up a notch, so now you get to download these unique printable Transformers coloring pages. There’s Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and all the other of these alien robots you love (or even hate). Challenge your knowledge about these extraterrestrials and try to replicate their actual colors.

Coloring Sheets Transformers
Easy Transformers Coloring Pages
Drift Transformer Coloring Page
Ironhide Coloring Pages
Transformer Coloring
Transformer Pictures to Color
Coloring Pages Transformer
Free Printable Transformer Coloring Pages
Transformers Soundwave Coloring Pages
Transformer Car Coloring Pages
Transformers Coloring Pictures
Transformers Pictures to Color

For those who don’t stop at just the movies, pick from the coloring sheets featuring the cool robots from specific lines, like the Rescue Bots. And if you have the actual action figures, it can be fun to color the pictures as you see them. Some of the above coloring pages may be more suited to older kids, but as art doesn’t know any limits, just have fun.

Published by: Updated on August 26th 2019

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