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Cinderella Coloring Pages

The coloring pages presented here are vivid with the story of Cinderella and her rags to riches story. Originally named Ella, she is the embodiment of kindness, but her stepmother and stepsister impart injustice to her by way of reducing her to a scullery maid. Finding no place to sleep snugly, she had once slept by the fireplace for the warmth. In the morning her face was covered with cinders that led her step family to call her Cinderella. In the free and printable pages, she can be seen in the beautiful gown that she wore to the royal ball. Her fairy Godmother had transformed a pumpkin to a horse-driven carriage that finds a place in the unique collection. The mice that were so fond of her can be seen alongside their friend in one of the pages. It was they who had helped her stitch a magnificent dress out of her mother’s old one which was later ripped off by her step sisters. Due to their faithfulness, they got to attend Cinderella’s royal wedding in special outfits.

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